Mercy Brothers is focused on independent and for hire content, scripted and non-scripted entertainment, documentary and informational content. If it’s creative, innovative, and meaningful, we’re interested. The founders of Mercy Brothers, Chachi Ramirez and Steve Michaels, met over a decade ago as collaborators on music video shoots and have yet to stop developing projects through their partnership. After realizing they shared the passion to produce compelling projects while never forgetting to enjoy the process along the way, they quickly decided to join forces and form Mercy Brothers, running out of Brickyard VFX in Santa Monica.



Chachi Ramirez

Chachi Ramirez

Chachi has unique set of skills. Forged from a background of producing, shooting and cutting entertainment content for feature films, pioneering web entertainment, live events and gaming, Chachi guides the creative vision behind Mercy Brothers while also working hands on with the physical production of our projects.. Experience gathered through producing feature films, music videos, interviews and documentaries, forms Chachi's vision and his ability to produce compelling content that connects with the audience.

Steve Michaels

Steve Michaels

Steve brings to Mercy Brothers his twenty-five years of creative visual effects, post-production and business experience. He has worked with some of the finest teams in the industry, and is driven to deliver their creative vision to the screen. Known as a founding partner of Brickyard VFX in Santa Monica, founder of the original Method Studios, and for his ten-year run managing Virgin's 525 Post Production in Hollywood, Steve has a passion for documentary films, meaningful entertainment, and lives to produce cool content with Mercy Brothers.


Mercy Brothers is a creative agency with a weaponized production department.


We only work with people we like who appreciate great work.

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